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Crane Duty Gearbox

Crane Duty Gear Boxes are Involute’s latest foray specifically designed for crane duty applications in accordance with IS:3177 standards. Helical gearing is provided for horizontal gear units where as spur gears are provided for vertical gear units.

The gearboxes crane duty gearbox and EOT gearbox are offered with soft gears & toughened pinions. We can also offer these gearboxes with hardened ground gears & pinions.

Single, Double and Triple stage Horizontal gear units are recommended for Hoist and Long Travel drive. Three stage vertical gear units are recommended for cross travel drives of the EOT crane.

Accessories available: Taper clamps for keyless output, shrink discs, oil pumps, thermometers, backstops etc.

  • All gear units rated in accordance with IS:4460
  • Single reduction units with ratios from 1.8:1 to 8:1
  • Double reduction units with ratios from 8:1 to 48:1
  • Triple reduction units with ratios from 10:1 to 160:1
  • Gears teeth are with metric module system from high grade carbon or alloy steel forgings

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