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Parallel shaft mounted
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The latest offering from Involute, the parallel shaft helical speed reducers are highly recommended for higher torque applications. The speed reducers come with case hardened and ground gears of suitable steel alloys.
This highly modular speed reducer is offered in 4 sizes with two or three stages. The standard nominal ratios are as follows:
Two Stages 8 to 20
Three Stages 50, 80, 100
Output Torque Upto 30,000 Nm
Compact cast iron casing
Highly efficient with reduced energy consumption
Removes the need of a pulley & saves space!
Hardened & ground helical gears
Heavy duty bearings on all stages
Available with electric or hydraulic motor flanges
High quality oil seals to prevent ingestion of dust
Shaft or flange mounting options
Click here to download Parallel Shaft Mounted Speed Reducer.