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Plantery Gearboxes

A new product offering from Involute, Planetary Gearboxes are replacing traditional gearboxes due to their compact size, high transmissible power and increased mechanical efficiency.

Our Planetary Gear Units can be manufactured according to requirements of the customers. Suitable for male female input and male female outputs

They are an ideal choice for severe duty applications with high shock loads and impact along with several options for mounting, gear layout, output shaft and motor interface.

We offer these gearboxes in 7 standard sizes with a maximum diameter of 800 mm. Single, Double, Triple, Quad stages are available with a wide range of ratios and torque ratings of upto 100,000 Nm.

The assembly has hardened and ground gears with heavy-duty bearings for load transmission in a sturdy cast iron body.

Input/Output: Splined or Keyed Solid Shafts
Splined or Keyed Hollow Shafts

Mounting: These gearboxes allow direct flange or base mounting options.

Input Flanges: IEC or Hydraulic Motor Flanges.

Output Flanges: Standard IEC Mounting Flanges.

Our Planetary Gear Units can be manufactured according to requirements of the customers. Some important applications are units for hydraulic drives, drum conveyors, geared motor drives, mobile machinery etc.

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